How Run-DMC avoided death in 1996
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How Run-DMC avoided death in 1996

Run-DMC were one of the most impactful groups of the 1980s and remain iconic today. Comprised of Rev Run, DMC and Jam Master Jay, the Queens-based trio were untouchable in their prime.

Rising to prominence in the 1980s alongside crews such as Public Enemy and The Beastie Boys, Run-DMC were loved for their ability to fuse hip-hop with other genres and were ultimately responsible for crossing hip-hop into the mainstream. 

However, before the turn of the millennium, the trio avoided death by deciding not to travel in the same vehicle as Suge Knight and Tupac Shakur the night he was murdered in a fatal Las Vegas drive-by. This one decision saved all three members of Run-DMC, who nearly agreed to join Shakur.

During an appearance on the Drink Champs podcast with Noreaga (N.O.R.E) and DJ EFN, DMC (real name Darryl McDaniels) recalled the infamous 1996 night and unveiled that the trio were booked to perform at Club 662, the venue 2Pac was on his way to. 

Recounting the night, McDaniels detailed, “I remember the night ‘Pac died. We was hired by [Club] 662 to perform at the afterparty for the Tyson fight. This was when the Luxor Hotel was new. It was fly shit. So I’ll never forget, Suge brought us there, and paid for everything. We was hired for entertainment.”

McDaniels then disclosed to the hosts that Jam Master Jay and Rev Run were supposed to ride with 2Pac and Suge Knight to the Luxor and highlighted how the backseats of the car had nobody in them when Shakur was shot. 

Explaining the lead-up to the shooting and the exchange he had with Suge Knight, DMC divulged, “So, we get a call, it’s Suge: ‘Yo, me and ‘Pac coming to get y’all. You’re gonna ride to the fight with us.’ ‘Cause remember, who was in the [BMW 750iL] with them? Nobody was in the backseat.” 

He continued, “Me, Run, and Jay was supposed to be in that backseat. He calls him up and says, ‘Yo, I’m coming to get y’all. We want y’all to ride to the fight with us.’” DMC even admitted that they agreed to ride with the Death Row duo but were prevented by one thing.

McDaniels then humorously unveiled that the reason they ended up not riding with Knight was due to Jam Master Jay’s failure to decide on an outfit to wear. Run-DMC were renowned for their style, as such, it’s unsurprising the DJ placed a lot of importance on his outfits.

According to DMC, it was his manager who told Knight to head to the Luxor without the trio, explaining, “Eric, my manager said, ‘Y’all go ahead without us’. [I said] ‘Why, what’s the problem?’ Eric said, “Jay’s getting dressed.’ I said, ‘Huh, what you talking about?’ When Jay would get dressed, Jay would have all his clothes out there. It’s worse than your wife or girl getting [dressed].”

He continued, adding “The reason why we ain’t ride to the fight with ‘Pac is ’cause Jay was getting dressed. Jay would spend hours. It would be a fashion show. Jay’s getting dressed. We say, ‘We’ll meet y’all at the afterparty.'”

When they arrived at the club, MC Hammer, Mel Man and other MCs meant to support 2Pac were given money by  Death Row’s team for turning up but were told the concert had been cancelled due to extenuating circumstances. 

You can watch DMC’s appearance on Drink Champs in the video below.