Keffe D thought Mike Tyson would side with Biggie over 2Pac
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Keffe D thought Mike Tyson would side with Biggie over 2Pac

Duane ‘Keefe D’ Davis was arrested earlier this as the primary suspect in the 2Pac murder case. However, having been released, the former gang member and employee of Death Row recently made an appearance on The Art Of Dialogue podcast, during which he stated that he believed Mike Tyson would have sided with Biggie Smalls instead of 2Pac

In his interview, Davis explained how Mike Tyson was involved in 2Pac’s murder. It is well-known that the boxer wanted to use one of Shakur’s tracks as his ring entrance song, which is why the ‘California Love’ rapper was in Las Vegas in 1996. 

However, Davis assumed that Tyson would have been on the side of Biggie in the horrific East Coast versus West Coast beef, considering he was born and raised in Brooklyn. 

Speaking to the podcast host, Davis stated, “I met Tyson a couple of times. Him and Biggie from the same fuckin’ turf, y’know what I’m sayin’, and Jigga and them — Brooklyn…I thought he would side with his homeboy before he would side with 2Pac.”

However, he recognised that Shakur moved around the US so much that he never really had a hometown, continuing, “I forgot, 2Pac was from New York, Baltimore, Oakland, LA, Compton — he’s from five different spots, man, damn!”

Davis’ trial was delayed as the judge granted him a continuance. Davis will plead not guilty for the murder of the legendary rapper and actor. Keefe D will appear before a court on November 2nd.

The murder trial, which was recently reopened, has made a lot of progress, but a considerable hurdle the police face is Suge Knight’s refusal to testify about what he saw on the night of the 1996 killing.