Hear Bobby Shmurda’s first new song in seven years ‘No Time For Sleep’
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Hear Bobby Shmurda's first new song in seven years 'No Time For Sleep'

Bobby Shmurda has returned after a seven-year absence with his brand new single, ‘No Time For Sleep’.

As everybody reading this is aware, Shmurda didn’t take a prolonged sabbatical out of choice. In February, the rapper was released from behind bars after five years inside. Immediately after getting out, Shmurda had some catching up in life before he got back into the studio, but now he’s back.

Explaining where he plans to take his music earlier this year, he proclaimed, “We got all types of different music coming out. We got the Shmurda shit coming out. We got the ‘Shmigos’ shit coming out. It’s going to be a lit summer.”

Although his collaboration with Migos is yet to surface, Shmurda has now officially returned with ‘No Time For Sleep’. A freestyle that sees him go hard and captures the rapper in an explosive mood.

He opens the track ferociously. Shmurda lets rip: “Waste so much money on mind ain’t got no time for me, Shawty call me all the time, and say she tired of me, I know that I pop a lot and smoke a lot of weed, And I don’t pay her any mind when I be countin’ rich, Baby, I’m busy on the road, I need some time to breathe, They had me locked up in the pens, doin’ twenty-three.”

Check out the return of Shmurda below.