(Credit: Frank Morales)


Earl Sweatshirt explains why Joe Budden hates him

Earl Sweatshirt has explained why Joe Budden hates him, and it goes back years.

Budden recently alerted people to their feud when he decided to harshly label Earl’s latest album Sick! as “bullshit”. However, he’d not actually heard the record when he made the statement and told listeners of his podcast he had no intention of ever listening to it.

“Hell no, I ain’t hear that bullshit,” Budden remarked on The Joe Budden Podcast. “And I’ll tell you what, I’m never gonna hear ’em! I am never gonna hear that. I don’t care. That shit could be Thriller. When would I put that on?”

In a new interview, Earl has revealed why Budden thinks this way about him, and it goes back to his Odd Future days. During their time together, they made three series of the Adult Swim sketch comedy programme Loiter Squad, and Budden found himself as the butt of one of Sweatshirt’s jokes.

“He’s tight. He’s not letting it go bruh,” the rapper said. Although Earl did make it clear he wants to reconcile with Budden and added: “Bro, fuck with me bro. This your twin bro.”

He also looked back at the programme and said he thought they had nobody to stop them from crossing the line. “We had way too much creative control,” Earl commented. “That shit was so funny. We had some dumbass ideas that went through bro.”

Check out the full interview below.