Joe Budden says Megan Thee Stallion’s poor sales mean she isn’t a superstar
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Joe Budden says Megan Thee Stallion's poor sales mean she isn't a superstar

Joe Budden has explained why he doesn’t believe Megan The Stallion is a superstar and said she hasn’t “sold shit”.

Stallion released her debut album, Good News, in 2020, which peaked at number two on the Billboard 200, and eight months later, it became certified platinum. However, despite releasing an array of singles in 2021, her highest-charting effort was ‘Thot Shit’, which landed at 16.

Ultimately, Budden feels that her chart success doesn’t equate to the A-list brand she’s built up. He said on his podcast: “You’re not a superstar if you can’t sell an album, what the fuck are we talking about right now? What stops her from being a superstar if we’re taking out sales? She ain’t sold shit. Got every brand deal in the world, but also has all the backing from different people. She’s got a lot going on. That’s the game today.”

He continued: “Griselda has a lot going on. There’s mad artists that have a lot going on, your management team as got to be a whole fucking team of people. You got to have a team of know-it-all people.”

Budden them compared the hype surrounding an album by Megan to someone like Adele, and said they’re not even in the same ballpark. He continued: “Y’all are just making rules up. You still got to know how to sell a fucking album. When Adele come out, you gotta move. When n***** come out, you gotta move.

“When a superstar comes out, you mortal, mere minion n***** have to move. Nobody does that for Lil Nas X, nobody does that for the seven Meg Thee Stallion releases that dropped over the past two years. What are we saying?”