Drake’s ‘The Heart Part 6’ surpasses infamous YouTube milestone
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Drake's 'The Heart Part 6' surpasses infamous YouTube milestone

Drake’s slew of diss tracks has been met with mixed reviews, and his perception as a lyricist has deteriorated since he began battling with Kendrick Lamar. Since the release of Metro Boomin and Future’s collaborative album, We Don’t Trust You, Drake has been embroiled in multiple beefs. This latest hip-hop firestorm began when Kendrick Lamar aimed the Scorpion emcee on the track ‘Like That’, and it has now spiralled out of control.

Various cultural figures have commented on the feud, including Kanye West, who has said that people are excited and “energised” by the “elimination of Drake.” However, the quality of the More Life emcee’s diss tracks has declined since the war began, and Drake’s latest shot at Kendrick’ The Heart Part 6′ has received a lot of backlash.

In fact, it has received so much hate that the video has received more dislikes on YouTube than likes, and fans have been quick to point this out. Over one million dislikes is quite a feat, and many are rejoicing in Drake’s failure. 

‘The Heart Part 6’ hears the Toronto native (real name Aubrey Graham) deny Lamar’s accusations of paedophilia and accuse the Compton native of being physically abusive towards his partner. However, despite the happiness of many, some Drizzy fans have called out the hatred. 

On Instagram, one user wrote,  “The hate train is crazy. He needs to disappear for a minute. Music will be so trash that folks will start wanting his music. Kendrick not consistent enough. So enjoy now. I remember Jay-Z actually going through the same thing as far as people turning on him.” Another fan of Drake wrote, “Y’all are so corny! The trend is to hate Drake so you do it! Y’all can’t think for yourselves.”

Drake has been embroiled in a battle since the release of Metro Boomin and Future’s collaborative album, We Don’t Trust You. The project featured some ambiguous references that the Scorpion creator has assumed was aimed at him and has directly responded to Kendrick Lamar’s lyrical attack on ‘Like That’ with over four tracks, including ‘Push Ups’, ‘Taylor Made Freestyle’, ‘Family Matters’ and ‘The Heart Part 6’.

Although Graham has been going at Kendrick Lamar extremely hard, many rappers, including Ma$e and Cam’Ron, have claimed that Drake has already lost and is not built for battle rap.