Kanye West says rap is energised by “elimination of Drake”
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Kanye West says rap is energised by “elimination of Drake”

Since the release of Metro Boomin and Future’s collaborative album, We Don’t Trust You, Drake has been embroiled in multiple beefs. This latest hip-hop firestorm began when Kendrick Lamar aimed the Scorpion emcee on the track ‘Like That’. Now, Kanye West decided to comment on the situation.

West and Drake (real name Aubrey Graham) have had a tenuous relationship over the years, and fans speculate that this began when West removed Drake’s verse from his 2010 hit ‘All Of The Lights.’ Their feud culminated in the 2018 track ‘Lift Yourself’, a Kanye song that heard him troll Graham over a beat he had given to the ‘God’s Plan’ artist. 

Kanye recently released a remix of Metro Boomin and Future’s ‘Like That’ and decided to take several shots at both Drake and Fayetteville lyricist J Cole. Cole has dissed the Graduation creator in the past, so this recent diss felt like an inevitable result.

In addition to setting social media alight, the diss track came up as a topic of conversation in Kanye’s recent interview with Justin Laboy. Speaking about the remix, West stated that he believes hip-hop is “energized” by the ongoing feud and even revealed that, in his opinion, “Everybody is very, very excited about the elimination of Drake.”

Drake, akin to his former Young Money labelmate Nicki Minaj, is a figure who has dominated the hip-hop scene for over a decade and, even after multiple defeats, has continued to command the charts despite his inability to lyrically battle other MCs. 

Many believe Drake lost his battle with Meek and Mill, and it was almost unanimously decided by the culture that Pusha T destroyed the Scorpion artist with his diss track ‘The Story Of Adidon’. 

Despite being on the back foot, Drake continues to battle on. Following ‘Push Ups (Drop & Give Me Fifty),’ the Canadian released the AI diss track ‘Taylor Made Freestyle,’ which many considered the final nail in Lamar’s coffin.

Kanye’s entrance into this battle has excited many. However, it will undoubtedly pose a challenge to Drake as he battles Metro Boomin, Kendrick Lamar, Future and Travis Scott.