DaBaby says losing $200 million was “a blessing in disguise”
(Credit: DaBaby)


DaBaby says losing $200 million was “a blessing in disguise”

Controversial North Carolina rapper DaBaby recently admitted that losing $200million because of a homophobic rant in 2021 was a blessing in disguise.” The emcee, who has seen a lot of controversy over the years, recently made an appearance on Shannon Sharpe’s Club Shay Shay podcast to speak about his rant.

In 2021, while performing at the Rolling Loud festival, DaBaby (real name Jonathan Kirk) screamed inappropriate homophobic tropes, speaking about STDs. Mid-performance, Kirk exclaimed, “If you didn’t show up today with HIV/AIDS, or any of them deadly sexually transmitted diseases that’ll make you die in two to three weeks.”

He followed up, screaming, “Fellas, if you ain’t suck a n*gga dick in the parking lot, put your cell phone lights in the air. Keep it fucking real.” He also brought the now-incarcerated and loathed Tory Lanez out on stage despite his charges of shooting Megan Thee Stallion.

When asked by Sharpe if he regrets anything in his career, Kirk Responded, “I wish I told Rolling Loud I missed my flight. I’ll send the money back, I missed my flight.” Following the comments, Lollapalooza cancelled Kirk’s appearance, and BoohooMAN ended its collaboration with the lyricist.

Kirk insisted that between 2021 and now, he has missed out on approximately $200 million worth of brand deals and bookings. However, the artist insisted it was a necessary learning curve, stating, “Where would I be mentally and spiritually if I wasn’t forced to sit my ass down and self-reflect?”

He continued, “I still didn’t even sit down when it first happened; I was still fighting it and fighting it and fighting it. ‘Hell nah, that ain’t what it is. That ain’t what it is.'” Kirk admitted that although he had money back then he wasn’t happy as a persona and now feels that his cancellation was a blessing in disguise.

Kirk admitted it was a recent revelation, and he is now happy, stating, “I was like ‘Boy I wish I had …$200million, y’all robbed me.’ I don’t feel like that. I really feel like that’s a blessing in disguise at this point in my life, and I just came to that realization in the past two weeks.”