Da Baby’s history of fan altercations
(Credit: DaBaby)

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Da Baby's history of fan altercations

Controversial North Carolina rapper Da Baby’s a contentious figure who, following his sharp rise to fame, became unpopular quickly due to some of his actions. In 2021, while performing at the Rolling Loud festival, DaBaby (real name Jonathan Kirk) screamed inappropriate homophobic tropes, speaking about STDs.

Mid-performance, Kirk exclaimed, “If you didn’t show up today with HIV/AIDS, or any of them deadly sexually transmitted diseases that’ll make you die in two to three weeks.”

When Kirk first emerged on the scene, he received brand deals and endorsements from various companies. However, as he continued to lash out and act unprofessionally, fashion houses such as BooHooMan dropped the lyricist and rejected him.

DaBaby stirred up controversy by pulling stunts on stage and telling false stories in his music to get his name trending on the internet. For his 2022 album, Baby On Baby 2, he released a single entitled ‘Boogeyman’, on which he claimed he had had sexual relations with Megan Thee Stallion. 

However, one of the biggest things Kirk is known for is his abuse and humiliation of fans. In 2020, DaBaby performed at Whiskey North nightclub in Tampa. Still, after his performance, the emcee had an unfortunate altercation with a fan.

As Kirk got escorted out of the club, an avid female fan attempting to film him with her phone got a little too close, and, with its bright flash in his face, Kirk got frustrated and slapped the fan in the face.

Taking to Instagram the next day, Kirk proclaimed, “I got $10,000 for whoever got a good angle of shawty hitting me in my eye with her phone. $10,000, get at me! Who know shawty name so my lawyer can get active?!”

This wasn’t the first time DaBaby had chosen to get physical with a fan. He reportedly assaulted a hotel employee in January 2020 after being recorded against his wishes. He was also accused of assaulting and robbing a party promoter in Miami after a payment dispute. DaBaby allegedly took the man’s cell phone, credit card and cash.

On one occasion, Kirk attempted to beat up one of his own artists from his label, Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment. In the backstage footage, DaBaby walks past his former friend before turning around and punching him in the face.

You can watch DaBaby’s attacks in the videos below.