(Credit: DaBaby)


DaBaby charged with felony battery for alleged attack on owner of rental property

DaBaby has been charged with felony battery for an alleged attack on a rental property owner during a music video shoot.

Gary Pagar says the rapper’s entourage attacked him while the shoot was going on last December in Los Angeles. Reportedly, DaBaby (real name Jonathan Kirk) were renting a mansion managed by Pagar, who claims they told him they wanted the property for vacation purposes rather than filming.

He also said DaBaby’s management team agreed to a 12-guest limit. However, Pagar claimed this rule was broken, and more than a dozen people inside the house.

On December 2nd, Pagar checked on the property and estimated around 40 people were on site. Visitors included a film crew shooting a music video starring Jake Paul for ‘Play U Lay’, a track by DaBaby’s artist Stunna4Vegas.

After Pagar tried to stop the shoot, he claims to have been attacked by the rapper’s team. DaBaby allegedly asked his crew to stop, but then he punched Pagar in the face, which knocked out a tooth.

He has since filed a lawsuit in February because of injuries relating to the attack. Thankgod Awute, who is also in DaBaby’s clan, has also been charged with felony robbery.

The rapper has previously denied the claims on Twitter. He wrote: “Y’all keep beliving [sic] these type of people & helping em assassinate my character y’all might as well get a rope & help him hang my black ass on a tree.”