Bobby Shmurda plots “strip club anthem” with Adele
(Credit: Instagram)


Bobby Shmurda plots “strip club anthem” with Adele

Bobby Shmurda has revealed his ambition to record a “strip club anthem” with the world’s foremost pop sensation, Adele.

The rapper – real name Ackquille Pollard – took to Twitter to reveal his plans to join forces with the English singer for a “strip club anthem” and even labelled the potential collaboration as “what the world needs” right now.

Shmurda then added a gif of himself slowly swinging his hips which is taken for the music video for ‘Bobby Bitch’, and he captioned it, “Her voice just make you wanna”.

Shmurda returned after a seven-year absence this summer with a string of new releases. As everybody reading this is aware, Shmurda didn’t take a prolonged sabbatical out of choice.

In February, the rapper was released from behind bars after five years inside. Immediately after getting out, Shmurda made up for lost time before returning to music.

Earlier this year, Shmurda said, “We got all types of different music coming out. We got the Shmurda shit coming out. We got the ‘Shmigos’ shit coming out. It’s going to be a lit summer.”

Although he’s released an array of singles, his mixtape with Migos is still yet to surface; however, it’s believed to be imminent.