Bobby Shmurda fights back to Wack 100’s ‘disco bunny dancing’ comment
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Bobby Shmurda fights back to Wack 100's 'disco bunny dancing' comment

Bobby Shmurda has responded to Wack 100’s claims that he’s losing his fanbase because of his “disco bunny dancing”.

Since he was released from prison last February, the rapper has been loving life, and Wack isn’t impressed with his carefree exploits. Immediately after getting out, Shmurda made up for lost time before returning to music, but he slowly eased himself back into the releasing process.

He’s released an array of singles since leaving prison and also promised a mixtape with Migos is still yet to surface.

In a bizarre Twitter rant, Wack decided to take shots at the Brooklyn rapper and said, “Y’all be seeing these artists like Bobby Shmurda, he’s been having it bad. He be like, ‘Yo, to all my fans, it ain’t me, it’s the label and all that shit’… I’m a be real, I don’t know what kinda fans he got. He really ain’t proven product; he only had one song.

Wack added, “He might have waited too long. I think the n***** gonna go double wood!” He also claimed that Shmurda is “losing the streets” with all his “disco bunny dancing,”

In response, a fired-up Shmurda took to Twitter in a now-deleted tweet, and he doesn’t care what Wack has to say. He told fans, “Y’all do know that no matter what ANYONE says imma live MY LIFE the way I WANT #shmurda.”