Big Sean claims Kanye West owes him $6million on ‘Drink Champs’
(Credit: Joe Weil)


Big Sean claims Kanye West owes him $6million on ‘Drink Champs’

Big Sean has claimed that Kanye West owes him $6million from his time on GOOD Music.

Sean made the revelation on the latest episode of the ‘Drink Champs’ podcast, hosted by N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN. During the show, the rapper said that he spent “hundreds of thousands of dollars” auditing his own label because he believed that he was owed by Universal when in reality, “the money had been paid to GOOD Music”.

“Let me ask you bro, if someone owed you $500,000 how would you feel?” Sean said before slowly increasing the amount mentioned to $6million. He continued, “What if they owed you that, bro? And you showed up for them, and you did all these things, and they have billions?”

The rapper then said that he doesn’t believe the money he’s owed is “even on [Ye’s] radar, because when I see him, I respect him enough not to be bringing that shit up.” Sean added. I got an auditor, this isn’t me making up a number.”

Elsewhere in the chat, Sean said he’d also like Kanye to give him his masters back and said that it would “benefit [him] a lot”.

Watch the interview below.