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Ye discusses Trump, and Taylor Swift during latest 'Drink Champs' appearance

Revolt’s Drink Champs podcast have shared the second part of their interview with Kanye West, and he’s discussed Trump, Taylor Swift, and much more.

During the first part of his appearance, West likened his feud with Drake to sports, and seemingly there’s no deep hatred between the pair of them, apart from their competitiveness to be the best.

“It’s all psychological, right? So, it’s like what pen, what button is someone gonna hit?” he said. West then compared it to the rivalry between Mike Tyson, and Evander Holyfield, before adding, “I bit his ear,” comparing himself with Tyson.

Now, he’s discussed the backlash he faced after his comments towards Taylor Swift at the 2009 VMAs and revealed that “all of America hated” him. Ye even admitted that he sought sanctuary in Japan following the incident and “did a personal exile”.

He also brought up A$AP Rocky’s imprisonment in Sweden and how he spoke to President Trump to release the rapper. After visiting Trump in 2018, Ye claimed the former President told him, “Ye, my friend, my Black approval rating went up 40% when you came to the White House.”

Meanwhile, West also poignantly discussed his mental health and bipolar diagnosis. Elsewhere, he labelled himself “the king of culture” and likened himself to Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.