Big Sean and Hit-Boy share video for new song ‘The One’
(Credit: Joe Weil)


Big Sean and Hit-Boy share video for new song ‘The One’

Big Sean and Hit-Boy have shared the visuals for their collaborative new single, ‘The One’.

The two came together last month to release the surprise EP, What You Expect, and this is the third track the pair have shared videos for following the release of ‘What A Life’ and ‘Loyal To A Fault’. The project also featured cameos from Lil Durk and Bryson Tiller.

The video for ‘The One’ features them both recording the track in a home studio with a glorious cityscape background, and for Sean, filming it was a lot more relaxing than ‘What A Life’, where the rapper had 65,000 bees covering him.

“I feel like the time we’re in right now, we just want to have fun with this shit,” Big Sean previously said about the project in a recent interview. “There’s always going to be a level of consciousness. There’s always going to be a level of thought and intention. But at the same time, it’s just fun.”

Sean has something he wants to get off his chest on the first verse. He spits, “Architect the way I take it to extreme measures, Sometimes you gotta break your life down to build it better, The game softened up a lot, it’s time to add some pressure, A lot of peers, we ain’t spoke in years, Yeah, you could go prеtend like I ain’t herе but that just shows me how much y’all threatened.”

Check out the video below.