Big Gipp says André 3000 has a rap album in “The Vault”
(Credits: Kai Regan)


Big Gipp says André 3000 has a rap album in "The Vault"

Goodie Mob member and affiliate of Outkast’s André 3000, Big Gipp, recently claimed that the lyricist could quickly assemble a rap album with material from “The Vault” following the release of his 2023 instrumental project New Blue Sun.

During an appearance on an episode of the B High ATL podcast, Gipp (real name Cameron Gipp) unveiled that 3000 could effortlessly put together an LP from unreleased archived material.

Speaking to the host, B High, Gipp revealed, “I’m a tell you something you don’t know — the bruh got a rap album. Bruh, if he wanted to rap, he got that. Organized Noize could go in they vault and pull out a 3000 album.”

When asked why André 3000 (real name André Benjamin) is refusing to return to hip-hop, Gipp stated that the former Outkast member’s aims are misunderstood, explaining, “It’s not about that. It’s about where we are in music right now. Him coming out rapping wasn’t gonna change nothing.”

He continued, “It [New Blue Sun] was just him joining what’s going on. Now, him coming out doing this and making this successful, he just broke the whole situation down to where now we can go in another direction.”

Following the release of his album, in an interview with GQ, Benjamin asserted that releasing a full hip-hop project is not his priority at the moment, and Gipp insisted that his fellow Dungeon Family member has opened a new lane for MCs, professing, “André 3000 just opened a new genre for Hip Hop producers and Hip Hop people who play instruments.” 

Gipp concluded, “Remember, Miles Davis never said nothing to you. Kenny G don’t say nothing to you. It’s so many examples of just musicians who had a great amount of success… [Benjamin wants to] ush this genre so far that it opens up another room for aspiring artists and aspiring musicians. That’s what I think. To show you to break the rules and show you that you can.”