André 3000 on why he skipped hip-hop’s biggest celebration
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André 3000 on why he skipped hip-hop’s biggest celebration

André 3000 recently released a new project, New Blue Sun. However, many fans noticed there was no rap music on the project. Instead, the Atlanta musician chose to present a series of flute compositions.

Similarly, earlier this year, the renowned Outkast emcee was absent when hip-hop celebrated its 50th anniversary. A vast array of artists, from Nas, LL Cool J, Will Smith and more, chose to participate in the celebrations, but André 3000 was nowhere to be found. 

In an interview with CBS, the ‘Hey Ya’ singer and rapper explained why he turned down offers to perform at the plethora of festivities. Opening up about his choice to decline offers the artist (real name André Benjamin) detailed, “I wouldn’t want to be — I’m doing it just because I’m trying to meet an expectation. I didn’t get into OutKast for that, you know.”

Benjamin has recently admitted that he has found a new love for woodwind instruments and is no longer strictly a hip-hop performer. He has also revealed his personal belief that at 48, he is too old to rap.

Disclosing that multiple people have asked him about a hip-hop album with bars, Benjamin explained, “When people ask me about a rap album, ‘Man, I would love a rap album,’ I’m with you,” he said. “But it’s like, I want to be with you when I’m really on it.”

He added, “I don’t sit and try to rap every day like when I was younger, and that’s all I did when I was younger. I miss those times a lot, but it’s like life changes: life moves on.”

New Blue Sun debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 and bowed at number five on the Top Alternative Albums chart. The eight-track project was received well by critics, but many fans were disappointed.