André 3000 says his “human side” wants to make another Outkast album
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André 3000 says his “human side” wants to make another Outkast album

Earlier this year, the producer and rapper André 3000 (real name André Benjamin) recently released his eight-track instrumental album, New Blue Sun. However, instead of hip-hop, the Atlanta musician presented a flute composition series, much to the fans’ disappointment.

Avid Outkast followers have been desperate for a hip-hop project, but after the success of Outkast’s sixth studio album, Idle Wild in 2006, the overwhelmed musician took a break from music to focus on himself. However, in a recent interview with CBS Mornings, the emcee and flautist unveiled that his “human side” wants to make another Outkast album.

When asked whether or not his Outkast counterpart Big Boi has ever asked him to record as a duo again, Benjamin unveiled that his longtime partner-in-crime has let him do his own thing since 2006. But he does wish to rap again.

When asked about pressure from Big Boi (real name Antwan Patton), Benjamin responded, “No, to be honest, but I think because he knows who I am and knows what gets me going, knows what inspires me, knows when I’m excited about something. So I think in that sense, he’s never pushed that issue.”

He continued, “[However], I’m sure, like, I want another Outkast album. Yeah, like in my mind – but see, that’s the thing. That’s the human side. I want an Outkast album a long time ago.”

However, he insisted that if he was to release another rap album, he would want it to be a solo body of work, stating, “Honestly, for me as an individual, it would be gratifying to me to put out a solo rap situation. But not for nobody else at this point. It’s for me because I actually like the challenge of, ‘How could I make this part of my life interesting and rhyme in words?’ You know what I mean? Like how can I do that? So yeah, it’s still a challenge. So I think hopefully, with will and intent, something will happen.”

Talking to GQ earlier this month, he admitted he is still in touch with producers, disclosing, “I’ve worked with some of the newest, freshest, youngest, and old-school producers. I get beats all the time. I try to write all the time.” So, perhaps a hip-hop album is still on the cards for André 3000.