Belly, The Weeknd and Young Thug appear in ‘Better Believe’ video
(Credit: Christian Breslauer)


Belly, The Weeknd and Young Thug appear in 'Better Believe' video

Belly has shared his explosive new single ‘Better Believe’, and he’s pulled in guest verses from The Weeknd and Young Thug.

The new Zaytoben produced track features on Belly’s upcoming album, See You Next Wednesday, his first record since 2018. All three artists who appear on ‘Better Believe’ also pop up in the video. Christian Breslauer directed the visuals, and he has also worked with Doja Cat, Bebe Rexha and Roddy Ricch.

On The Weeknd’s exhilarating verse, he spits: “I stay up fighting my demons (Demons), I don’t got no one to lean on (Lean on), I’m busy puttin’ my team on, Hitters pull up with the beamer (Oh-oh), I put that girl in a P1 (Oh-oh), She make a mess and she clean up”.

Later on in the track, Young Thug lets rip in his verse: “Talkin’ shootin’, got no assists, Fuck a jet lags, I’m in the city with it, And I believe I’m gon’ get me, Better believe, iced bought a fleet, Better believe when I say I can’t see, Better, no better when it come down to me.”

Last week, The Weeknd teased his next body of work in a series of tweets. “We gettin’ there,” he posted alongside an emoji of a disc emoji and later added, “Really proud of this one. Wow,” he added.

The mercurial multi-talented artist wasn’t done yet and then stated: “Massaging it now, being sweet to it. giving it some tlc.”

The singer then confirmed that what he’s working on isn’t just a track or an EP but is “a full body of work.” Detailing further, he added: “Just so there’s no confusion.”

Listen to ‘Better Believe’ below.