B-Real admits he wasn’t happy with Cypress Hill’s ‘Verzuz’
(Credit: Cypress Hill)


B-Real admits he wasn't happy with Cypress Hill's 'Verzuz'

Cypress Hill’s B-Real has admitted he was disappointed by their ‘Verzuz’ battle against Onyx in Los Angeles.

The rapper was frustrated about the lack of publicity surrounding the battle and was angry they didn’t air it on Instagram Live like every other episode of the series. Instead, it was exclusively available for subscribers on Triller, which meant the audience was much smaller.

He tweeted” “I have to say although it was great to rock with our brothers @ONYX_HQ in the Verzuz battle, I feel like [Verzuz] shorted us all by not running it on IG live like other battles. They made it a ppl event & made the battle a side show for the boxing match instead. IMO.”

His sentiments were supported by DJ Skee who revealed he didn’t even know there was a battle until he saw B-Real’s tweet. “Both groups are iconic and unfortunately no on even knew this was happening,” he wrote. “I would have watched if I knew.”

Recently, The Game admitted he challenged Eminem to a ‘Verzuz’ battle only because 50 Cent “can’t rap”.

“You want to know why [I challenged Eminem to a Verzuz battle]? Because 50 can’t rap!” he explained on UPROXX’s new series Fresh Pairs, hosted by Just Blaze and Katty Customs. “And so I gotta go a level up and challenge the better rapper.”