Attorney in Young Thug RICO trial taken into custody
(Credit: Wikimedia)


Attorney in Young Thug RICO trial taken into custody

The YSL RICO case involving Young Thug has been ongoing since September 2022 and has had several missteps. However, another issue has arisen as Young Thug’s attorney has landed himself in custody for contempt of court.

As reported by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Thug’s attorney, Brian Steel, confronted Judge Ural Glanville as he allegedly had a private conversation with the prosecution. Steel had reason to believe that Judge Glanville was colluding with the prosecutors, which would amount to a mistrial.

However, when asked how he found out about the private conversation, which he was not supposed to have seen, Steel refused to share his source and was thus escorted out of the courtroom.

When questioned about how he learned about the meeting with the prosecution, Glanville told Steel, “You got some information you shouldn’t have gotten.” Following this, the judge directed courtroom deputies to take him into custody.

Steel then lectured the judge about the law and insisted he was in contempt of court, exclaiming, “[You’re] not supposed to have communication with a witness who’s been sworn in.” Steel was speaking about Kenneth Copeland, who ended up in jail after refusing to testify on June 7th.

However, Copeland ended up on the witness stand on June 10th. The meeting between himself and Judge Glanville changed his mind, and Steel argued he should have been present.

District Attorney Adriane Love requested that Copeland be allowed back into the courtroom until the trial has finished. Up until now, Copeland has pleaded the fifth and held back from giving any evidence.

Copeland pleaded the fifth for the most basic questions, such as “How old are you?” When he refused to comply, Judge Glanville ordered him to be held in willful contempt of court. Glanville offered him an immunity deal in exchange for his testimony against Young Thug.

In response to all of this, Brian Steel has filed a motion for a mistrial.