Young Thug attorneys have filed a motion to dismiss his case
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Young Thug attorneys have filed a motion to dismiss his case

Atlanta lyricist Young Thug has been involved in an ongoing RICO case for over a year now, and the slow-moving legal proceedings haven’thaven’t made things isn’tisn’t easy for the emcee, who has been in and out of court.

However, his attorneys have now filed a motion to dismiss his case as he faces delays once again. Earlier this month, the trial was delayed for the umpteenth time after the artist’s co-defendant, Shannon Stillwell, was stabbed by an inmate in Fulton County Jail.

This incident, which did not involve the act (real name Jeffrey Willimas), affected his court case and halted the proceedings. Earlier this month, Thug’s attorney, Brian Steel, promised that an appeal would be filed on Thug’s behalf, and he has now filed that motion.

A Twitter/X account giving daily updates on the trial posted, “[Steel] is trying to expedite the appeal so it will be heard at the same time as the trial. If the judge’s decision is overturned, the case will end.”

The YSL court case will not be heard until 2024 as a result of the stabbing. Speaking to the jury at the most recent hearing, Judge Ural Glanville announced, “Remember yesterday we recessed because one of our participants had a medical issue, and I was telling you about that? Well, unfortunately, that medical condition still exists.”

He continued, “Given the length of time that we will probably address that, it might be just more prudent to recess you. An early recess. Instead of recessing you this Friday, I’m gonna recess you for the holidays today.”

The victim of the stabbing, Stillwell, is one of the six defendants currently on trial in the case and, akin to Thug has been charged with conspiracy to violate the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO), participation in the criminal street gang activity ‘Young Slime Gang’.