Allegations that Diddy paid Yung Miami for sex have surfaced in leaked court documents
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Allegations that Diddy paid Yung Miami for sex have surfaced in leaked court documents

New allegations about Diddy have emerged as he continues to face ongoing lawsuits accusing him of illegally trafficking drugs and using the City Girls rapper Yung Miami for personal sex work while he was in Miami.

Last month, Rodney’ Lil Rod’ Jones filed a lawsuit against the Bad Boy founder, alleging that he frequently groped him and showed him pornographic material. He also alleged that Diddy coerced him into having sexual relations with prostitutes.

However, it doesn’t end there. Jones also claimed that he saw Diddy sleeping with two male celebrities while he was working with him, which, from the descriptions, many believe to be Usher and Meek Mill.

That said, more about Jones’ lawsuit has been made available, including the allegation that Combs used City Girls rapper Yung Mimai as a non-exclusive girlfriend. He states that the female emcee helped Diddy make “pink cocaine”, which was “a combination of pink food colouring, strawberry flavouring, ketamine, caffeine, and MDMA.”

In the leaked court documents, Jones further insists that Miami (real name Caresha Brownlee) accepted monthly payments to be a defacto prostitute for Combs while he stayed in Miami. It also acccuses Combs of doing the same for the mother of 50 Cent’s child, Daphne Joy.

This is just the latest in a string of lawsuits Diddy is facing as his past catches up with him. 50 Cent recently announced that a docu-series about Combs will be released soon entitled Diddy Do It?

So far, the emcee and producer has not responded to any of the new allegations made against him by Jones and has not responded to the news that 50 Cent is planning on releasing a potentially defaming docu-series.