Meek Mill and Andrew Tate enter Twitter beef about Diddy
(Credit: Chris Sikich)


Meek Mill and Andrew Tate enter Twitter beef about Diddy

Meek Mill is no stranger to Twitter spats. From Nicki Minaj to Drake and DJ Akademiks, the Philadelphia emcee has had more than his fair share of intense exchanges on the platform. However, he recently had a back-and-forth with none other than the notorious internet sensation Andrew Tate.

The exchange was in relation to a lawsuit recently filed by Lil Rod (real Rodney Jones), who worked on Diddy’s 2023 project, The Love Album: Off the Grid. The lawsuit filed at a Manhattan Federal court detailed Diddy’s sexual relations, reading, “Mr. Combs informed Mr. Jones that he had engaged in sexual intercourse with rapper (REDACTED), R&B singer (REDACTED), and Stevie J.”

From other, more detailed descriptions in the paperwork, many have concluded that the rapper was Meek Mill and the vocalist Usher. After the Philly emcee denied the rumours, Tate tweeted, “So P Diddy was having sex with Meek Mill and Usher?”

However, this question posted by a figure with such a large following infuriated Meek Mill, prompting him to bring up Tate’s history, writing, “Was you sex trafficking women? Tf wrong wit you Brody.”

Tate then replied, “I only asked a question because everyone is saying it happened. It’s true or not?” Meek Mill didn’t engage with Tate after this, but rumours have continued to circulate.

Taking to Twitter to dispel all of the false allegations that have been levelled against him, Mill (real name Robert Williams) took to Twitter/x, writing, “I’m from Philly I don’t do coke or freaky ass molly … nobody won’t even offer me coke because I’m that heavy …. No man or watt would ever approach me about gay activity and the whole place don’t get flipped … woke up seeing this on every blog like they know I’m coming! Lol.”

He continued, “That’s why I always come around all these industry n*ggas with my real friends. You never catch me around anybody from the industry can’t even hold a convo without my dawgs stepping in the room it’s been that way … I can’t til yall find out I’m the illest in this shit lol.”

However, to divert attention away from all the negativity and gossip, Williams then shared a snippet from his upcoming EP, Heathenism, with the caption: “I’m From people die for playing with a man’s name.”