A$AP Rocky teams up with Playboi Carti for woozy new single ‘OUR DE$TINY’
(Credit: Chad Cooper)

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A$AP Rocky teams up with Playboi Carti for woozy new single ‘OUR DE$TINY’

A$AP Rocky is officially back as he gifts fans with a new single featuring Playboi Carti. Rocky (real name Rakim Mayers) has been shrouded with controversy as of late due to a firearm assault case that has seen the rapper in and out of court.  Earlier this year, Mayers pleaded not guilty to two felony charges he picked up in Los Angeles last year. However, clearly, his case hasn’t stopped him from hitting the studio as he drops a new single to kick off autumn.

Entitled ‘OUR DE$TINY’, this latest release sees Rocky attempt to achieve a more soulful sound as opposed to the harsh, electronic, digital sound of trap. Although the track production-wise still features the classic 808 bass of modern-day hip hop, it is still sonically smooth. This latest track is based around a sample of the song ‘If’ by the 2000s girl group Destiny’s Child, which samples ‘Inseparable’ by Natalie Cole, making it the primary source melody source for this latest release from Rocky. 

Lyrically, ‘OUR DE$TINY’ is devoid of any substance, message or true meaning. Of course, for lyricism, intricate rhyme schemes and meaningful themes, Playboi Carti isn’t a go-to, however, even for Carti, ‘OUR DE$TINY’ is a little bit worrying. With the chorus and phrase around which the song is centred being “put a bag on a bitch, put a bag on a broad”, the track is quite confusing. Playboi Carti’s flow on this track is more of a drawl that, rapped with complete disregard for the song’s beat count, is perplexing and uncomfortable. 

Halfway through the track, the song cuts out and (as if we’re listening to an important radio announcement), we hear a commentator in a formal tone slowly state,  “put a bag on a bitch, put a bag on a broad”.  Following this, Carti proceeds to repeat the phrase four more times. Rocky’s verse is, thankfully, understandable. However, it leaves much to be desired. Beyond reaffirming that he’s “legit” and is “all about that moolah”, there really is not a lot more that one can take away from Rocky’s verse. 

This song may, perhaps, appeal to younger listeners and fans of “mumble rap”, however, with New York artists like Joey Bada$$ putting out quality albums, A$AP Rocky may have to go back to the drawing board if he wants to finish his career as a credible, respected artist. You can watch the video for ‘OUR DE$TINY’ in the video below.