Joey Badass shares new album ‘2000’
(Credit: Jorund Foreland Pedersen)


Joey Badass shares new album '2000'

Joey Badass has finally dropped his new album, 2000, which marks his first album in five years.

His previous offering came in 2017 with All-Amerikkkan Badass, and Badass marked his comeback in January with ‘The Rev3nge’. It’s good to have Joey returning to the craft that gave him his name, rather than on-screen acting in programmes such as Mr Robot and Grown-ish, which we’ve recently become more accustomed to seeing.

2000 was initially meant to drop on June 17th, just a few days after his debut mixtape 1999 turned 10. However, it proved to be harder than Badass originally envisaged to get samples cleared, hence why he pushed the album back until July.

Although we haven’t heard from Badass in several years before his return in January, the rapper recently insisted to XXL Mag that he never stopped working on music.

Badass revealed: “It’s weird because I never actually stepped away from it. That’s just kind of what it looks like out in the open because it’s been so long since I’ve actually put music out. But the whole time, I can’t remember a month that’s gone by where I wasn’t in the studio working on music.

“January was probably the first month in five years where I did not record any music. And that was done purposely because I’m just at the point now where I’ve recorded so much music over the time that I’ve been away that I told myself, I don’t need to step back in the studio again ’cause it’s all there.”

Stream Joey Badass’ highly anticipated return below.