50 Cent reacts to Stevie J labelling him an “Uncle Tom”
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50 Cent reacts to Stevie J labelling him an "Uncle Tom"

50 Cent is caught up in yet another beef surrounding Diddy and his lawsuits. Since the allegations about the Bad Boy Entertainment founder surfaced, the G-Unit mogul has been trolling him and his associates. 

The Power producer has recently set his sights on former Bad Boy producer turned reality TV star Stevie J and has repeatedly referred to him online as “Diddy’s boyfriend”, alleging he has witnessed all of the sexual escapades Diddy has allegedly taken part in. 

Stevie J, who produced tracks such as Biggie Smalls’ ‘Notorious Thugs’ resurfaced in 2012 on the television show Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta and has been at the centre of much controversy. However, he is now being labelled as an enabler of Diddy’s questionable conduct.

In a recent interview with hip-hop media outlet TMZ, Stevie J (real name Steven Jordan) accused Fifty of being a troll who wants to “bring the Black community down” and labelled him an “Uncle Tom” for exacerbating the and mocking the tribulations of other African-Americans.

Speaking to the TMZ hosts, Jordan stated, “With guys like 50 — Uncle Tom cats like that — you can’t brush it under the rug. I don’t see anybody reporting about what Tatted Up Holly said about him beating her up and his other baby moms saying he beat her up!”

He added, “I just look at it as he wants to bring the Black community down worse than anybody else. How is that so?” It is undeniable that 50 Cent seems to relish mocking his counterparts.

As soon as the “Uncle Tom” smear hit the headlines, the Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ creator took to social media to fire back at the producer by flaunting his success. Sharing a picture of him holding a cognac bottle, the emcee wrote, “Diddy’s boyfriend called me a sell-out. He is correct. I’m selling out BRANSON COGNAC LOL [clapping emojis] drink responsibly.”

Jordan has challenged 50 Cent to a fistfight and mocked him following the news that his son’s mother was allegedly a sex worker for Diddy. Taking to Instagram, Jordan recorded a video in which he said, “Curtis what’s good, man? You in your feelings about Daphne [Joy] because she with the gang now? Or is that you sucking Lil Rod dick? However it go, I wanna shoot the fade n*gga. Fuck all that!”

You can watch Stevie J’s TMZ interview below.