YSL defence attorney claims he gave Young Thug his “street cred”
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YSL defence attorney claims he gave Young Thug his "street cred"

The ongoing YSL RICO trials are causing havoc in hip-hop as the former team has begun to splinter. The Atlanta crew, Young Stoner Life, headed by Young Thug, has already seen several of its members turn on each other with plea deals.

However, now a YSL defence attorney has come forward to reveal that he is responsible for giving Young Thug (real name Jeffrey Williams) his street credibility as the attorney who prosecuted the lyricist on his first weapons charge back in 2014.

The attorney, named Suri Chadha Jimenez, recently appeared on the Infamous Sylvia radio show alongside his co-attorney Nicole Diaz to explain how the 2014 prosecution affected Williams, stating, when “I prosecuted him, I gave Mr. Thug his first felony. So I gave him some street cred.”

Fans of Young Thug will undoubtedly remember in May, Jimenez faced a slew of contempt charges after appearing late to court on multiple occasions. However, in a strange turn of events, he eventually dismissed them after offering free strip club chicken wings.

Earlier this year, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Jiminez had shown up to court late on May 9th. As such, Judge Ural Glanville found him in contempt of court. However, the charges disappeared after the attorney revealed he could “pull some strings” and get some wings for everyone on the team. 

Elaborating on this bizarre moment during the YSL trial, Jiminez explained, “They made a chef come in early and cook all the delicious wings for us. They were hot and ready for me to pick up at the time they told me. They made it happen, so I was very happy.”

The YSL RICO cases have seen many twists and turns. Only last week, YSL Polo was dismissed of all charges and sentenced to life in prison without parole for a separate murder charge, and, for now, Young Thug remains behind bars.