Young Thug attorney wants YSL Polo removed from RICO trial
(Credit: Wikimedia)


Young Thug attorney wants YSL Polo removed from RICO trial

Brian Steel, the legal counsel for Young Thug, has initiated a request to segregate YSL Polo from the larger YSL RICO trial owing to concerns over his unpredictable conduct.

In a video clip that gained widespread attention on Saturday (September 2nd), but was originally recorded during proceedings before Judge Ural Garrett on Thursday (August 30th), Brian Steel appeared visibly puzzled as he observed Polo, whose real name is Cordarius Dorsey, making abrupt and erratic movements with his head and limbs.

Mr Steel presented his formal plea in court, urging the separation of Polo from the trial to safeguard a fair judicial process for Young Thug. Judge Garrett concurred with this request, ensuring that Thugga’s trial proceedings would continue impartially.

“Jeffery Williams, by and through undersigned counsel, hereby files this motion to Sever Parties in the above-referenced case,” read Steel’s motion. “In support of this Motion, Mr. Williams shows as follows. Mr. Williams is innocent of all charges in the above-referenced indictment. Mr. Dorsey, a co-indictee, has displayed unprofessional and unacceptable conduct in Court, in the presence of this Honorable Court, as announced on the Record on Thursday, August 31, 2023.”

It continues: “Based upon information and belief, during a separate trial, Mr Dorsey, using movements with his hands, threatened the prosecutors as well as the jurors. Mr Williams has filed a Demand for Speedy Trial and will not upset that Demand for Speedy Trial. However, Mr Williams asks this Honorable Court to exercise its discretion and sever Mr Dorsey so that Mr Williams’ Constitutional right to a fair trial is not prejudiced.”

YSL Polo’s unpredictable behaviour serves as the latest twist in the ongoing YSL RICO case, which continues to capture attention with its dramatic developments, even though it’s still in the discovery phase of the trial.

Recent news indicated that the jury selection process would remain on hold until the conclusion of YSL Polo’s separate murder trial, further prolonging the YSL RICO trial proceedings.

Despite Young Thug’s continuous incarceration since his arrest in May 2022, with four unsuccessful attempts at obtaining bail, he maintains an optimistic outlook regarding his eventual release.