YouTuber Adin Ross accuses Playboi Carti of scamming him
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YouTuber Adin Ross accuses Playboi Carti of scamming him

23-year-old YouTuber Adin Ross, during a recent Kick stream, accused Atlanta emcee Playboi Carti of scamming him by promising him an interview that Ross paid for upfront but didn’t receive. Ross told his followers he believes Carti did it to prevent beef.

Speaking to his fans while speculating about why Carti dropped the interview last minute, Ross stated, “I don’t think Carti 2 is happening anymore. I have a theory that Carti was just texting me to kind of just keep me in the position where I’m not gonna be on his bad side, where I’m on the internet talking crazy if that makes sense — to get the heat off his name type shit.”

He continued, “I think I got played, but hey bro, it is what it is. Because I was texting his phone and he stopped answering out of nowhere. I have the warehouse footage.” He then proceeded to reveal he plans on releasing the texts for fans to see.

Unveiling the above, Ross said, “I’m about to just release it. I mean, once I get the confirmation that we’re not doing part two. Is that blackmail? I mean, dude, I kind of got scammed, so I’m blackmailing a fucking scam, so you can’t blame me.”

It has been reported that the highly successful YouTube paid Carti $2million and even gifted him a new Ferrari to appear on his stream just hours before their very brief interview early last month.

Unfortunately, the last interview only lasted six minutes and was soon cut short after the Atlanta emcee had received his money. Days later, Ross shared a photo of himself on FaceTime with Carti on Twitter, promising that Carti would answer all the questions posed by fans soon.

According to reports, 21 Savage wasn’t paid for his appearance on the stream and was unhappy when he heard that his Attlanta counterpart had received money for an appearance on Ross’ stream.