More YSL affiliates accept plea deals in Young Thug case
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More YSL affiliates accept plea deals in Young Thug case

The RICO case involving Young Thug and his record label YSL continues. Another company affiliate has struck a plea deal before going on trial.

Per Cathy Russon of the Law & Crime Network, Trontavious Stephens, who also goes by “Tick” and “Slug,” appeared in court in Atlanta on Thursday (December 29th) and pleaded guilty to racketeering. He recieved ten years in prison as punishment. 

Stephens was, however, credited with two years for time served, with the remaining eight years converted to probation, which resulted in his release from prison arriving imminently.

Stephens agreed to testify at a trial where he won’t be permitted to invoke his Fifth Amendment rights when standing. He admitted to being a founding member of YSL, and that it was indeed a gang as the prosecutors have maintained, as well as recognising a pair of arrests, with one involving robbing a woman.

After one of the prosecutor’s read out a text, allegedly from Thugga, saying: “Y’all ain’t beat him up or shot him yet? Y’all gettin’ soft,” Stephens acknowledged it, which was claimed to be about a rival.

A prosecutor also referred to a segment of lyrics from Young Thug’s track ‘You’ where he raps, “She getting robbed by Tick.” However, it is still unclear whether this will be used as evidence against him in his trial next month. 

As for Nard and Derontae Bebee, both rejected pleas on Thursday, which would have released them from prison. Now though, they will head to trial alongside Young Thug, with Nard facing a 50 year sentence and Bebee, life behind bars.

Other YSL associates that have taken the plea deals include Gunna, Unfoonk, Thug’s brother, Slimelife Shawty (Winnie Lee), and Lil Duke (Martinez Arnold).