(Credit: Chad Cooper)

A$AP Rocky's debut mixtape 'LIVE.LOVE.A$AP' is coming to streaming services

As the 10th anniversary of A$AP Rocky‘s triumphant mixtape LIVE.LOVE.A$AP approaches, Pretty Flacko has confirmed that the mixtape will finally be available on streaming platforms.

The iconic 2011 project featured the New Yorker’s breakout moments including bops ‘Peso’ and ‘Purple Swag’ and will be added to digital streaming platforms before the weekend arrives.

What’s more, the mixtape will also arrive with a brand new Rocky song, titled ‘Sandman’ and produced by Kelvin Krash and Clams Casino. The mixtape is the moment Rocky undoubtedly became a star, released just shortly after he signed a $3 million deal with RCA.

Bad news is that the anniversary release of the mixtape will be missing three key tracks: ‘Keep It G’, ‘Kissin’ Pink’ and ‘Out of This World’. But that shouldn’t dissuade fans who have been waiting a long time to keep this beauty on their Spotify playlists.

A$AP Rocky is just one of many rappers who have recently added their mixtapes to streaming services. Wiz Khalifa added Kush & Orange Juice, Lil Wayne’s No Ceilings and Big Sean’s Detroit have also been added.

Most recently, the iconic 2014 mixtape Faces from Mac Miller was added. Below, you can see Rocky announce the release in a video.