Why Eminem nearly fought Suge Knight in a bulletproof vest
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Why Eminem nearly fought Suge Knight in a bulletproof vest

Eminem (real name Marshal Mathers) has had many memorable feuds over the years, from his beef with Source magazine owner Benzino to his battle with rapper Machine Gun Kelly. However, one of his lesser-known feuds is with Death Row’s Suge Knight.

In a recent Instagram live, former G-unit rapper Bang ‘Em Smurf reveals why Eminem nearly fought Suge Knight in a bulletproof vest. In the tell-all social media sit-down, the rapper disclosed to his followers that, in 2003, Knight, the former Death Row Records CEO, had shown up to 50 Cent’s video shoot for ‘In Da Club‘ unannounced.

According to Smurf, he was receiving a haircut at the time Knight arrived, so heard word about his arrival through a friend stating, “I’m all the way back in the trailer getting a haircut and shit, so Sha Money XL call me like, ‘Yo, Suge on the set!’”.  Detailing his reaction Smurf recalls, “I threw the cape off and shit…I’m starstruck at the time ’cause this is my first time seeing Suge”. However, Knight did not receive them all so well.

Tensions between Knight, G-Unit and Dr. Dre were coming to a head, and according to Smurf, the hostility was palpable. Firmly ready to fight 50 Cent’s corner, Smurf detailed, “I ran to the side, like, ‘Yo, this n*gga Suge outside. What do you want me to do? Blow his head off?’” But in reflection admitted he was a “hyper n*gga” at the time.

According to the rapper, Mathers, who had been outside at the time of Knight’s arrival, “came back with the vest.” declaring, “It was like a standoff. I know it sounds like a f*cking made-up movie, but it’s really true. I just remember … Em’ and 50 was like, ‘What’s up man? Whatchu wanna do?” According to Smurf, the former Death Row Records CEO had turned up merely to do “intimidation-type sh*t” and left shortly after he arrived with 30 Mexican crew members.

You can watch Bang ‘em up Smurf recall the event in the video below.