Top 5: 50 Cent’s favourite 50 Cent songs
(Credit: 50 Cent)


Top 5: 50 Cent's favourite 50 Cent songs

Coming up as one of the most potent hip-hop stars of the 21st Century, 50 Cent is undoubtedly one of the success stories of the era. Here, the rapper picks out five of the favourite of his own songs.

Buoyed by his relationship with Eminem and Dr Dre, two icons of the game who guided 50 during his early moments, Fiddy, aka Curtis Jackson, became one of the most prominent artists around, selling countless records and becoming a bonafide media mogul.

Going on to become an executive producer on several TV shows as well as other business ventures, it can be easy to forget that, at the very start, it was the music that really put 50 under the spotlight. Coupling a powerhouse delivery with a no-holds-barred attitude to rhymes, 50 excelled in his arena. But what tracks from his own catalogue would the icon call his favourite?

Usually, when an artist is asked to pick out their favourite songs from their own discography we are usually provided two responses. Firstly, a snort of derision at being asked such an unimaginative question, quickly followed by a list of some of the biggest sellers or most-appreciated songs. 50, when posed the same question, however, decided to reel off a more obscure list.

“It’s probably not going to be nothing everybody else likes,” 50 told Power 107.5 when asked for his top five favourite songs from his own catalogue. “The biggest lesson I learned from Jam Master Jay when I was working with him was to not fall in love with the music. If it’s what you think it is, great — we need another one. You gotta appreciate it, like it, and then move to the next one.”

With that professional attitude, there’s no wonder that 50 Cent went on to become an entrepreneur outside of music. However, no matter how much of a media mogul, TV exec or vitamin water expert, it’s the music that made him a star. Below, you can find the songs from his career that he cherishes most.

50 Cent’s favourite 50 Cent songs:

  • ‘Curtis 187’
  • ‘What Up Gangsta?’
  • ‘Ryder Music’
  • ‘Like My Style’
  • ‘A Baltimore Love Thing’