Why Cam’Ron nearly attacked Dame Dash with a baseball bat
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Why Cam'Ron nearly attacked Dame Dash with a baseball bat

Purple Haze rapper Cam’Ron was a signee of Roc-A-Fella during the 2000s. As part of the Harlem crew, The Diplomats became one of the most popular young MCs in the city, alongside his crewmates Juelz Santana, Jim Jones, and Freekey Zekey.

As a young emcee whom Dame Dash and Jay-Z had signed in the 2000s, Cam’Ron (real name Cameron Giles) had a civil relationship with the pair. However, in an interview with Stephen A Smith, Harlem lyricists Ma$e and Cam’Ron recalled an incident that saw Giles threaten Dash with a baseball bat.

Remembering the incident, Ma$e (real name Mason Betha) recounted, “Back in the day, a guy named Dame Dash said he was gonna beat me up, but Cam grabbed the baseball bat and said, ‘Dame, you can’t do that.’ It was a girl, she liked me. We did whatever we did. And it was somebody’s girlfriend that was in [Jay-Z’s] crew, so then, me and Dame get into it.”

Admitting it was a painful experience to turn on Damon Dash, Giles expressed, “That was a hard decision because we all was cool, but the thing about Dame is he’s one step lower than a professional boxer. He fought Golden Gloves. Like, that’s not a fair fight. Dame Dash, to be totally fair, that’s my big bro.”

Ma$e continued the story, unveiling, “Dame wanna box with me, I tell him, ‘Let’s box.’ We didn’t end up boxing. Everybody broke it up on 125th. I guess Jay inherited it because me and him never really had a problem. He said something, I said something back, and that was about it.”

Dash was both Cam’Ron’s and Ma$e’s manager, and in a recent interview, the former Roc-A-Fella mogul told the It Is What It Is podcast he is happy that the pair repaired their feud, stating, “To see this and them realise their potential, I always wanted them in front of cameras. I’m just saying that they happy and that they finally gained the credit they deserve, and it had to happen — coming together and just being friends.”

Cam’Ron and Ma$e had a long-running feud in the 2010s, and neither of them currently speak with Damon Dash. However, the three have been repairing a lot of burnt bridges in recent years.