Why Cam’Ron is intrigued by Erykah Badu
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Why Cam'Ron is intrigued by Erykah Badu

During a recent episode of the It Is What It Is podcast with Ma$e, Harlem emcee Cam’Ron revealed why he is intrigued by Erykah Badu and the reason he would never enter a relationship with the Dallas vocalist.

The two Harlem musicians began the podcast discussing the recent rumours that the NFL Quarterback CJ Stroud is dating Amber Rose, Kanye West’s ex-girlfriend. Cam’Ron (real name Cameron Giles) revealed that he found Rose attractive but digressed and began talking about how women can change men, which strangely led him to Erykah Badu.

Speaking about the Baduizm singer, Giles stated, “I don’t know if I ever talked about [it] on the show before, but I told… What’s shawty name? André 3000’s baby mom? Badu! You know, she’s a homie too, but I told n*ggas she can’t get nowhere near me with that pussy. Nowhere. 

He continued, “That shit she be doing to n*ggas is crazy. N*ggas be regular until they fuck her. Then you start wearing turbans, yarmulkes, the tie-dye shirts. No, no, no.” Badu has dated a fair amount of men within hip-hop.

Badu has children by André 3000, Jay Electronica and The DOC. In an interview with Tamron Hall, the Dallas native was once questioned about her supposed allure, with Hall asking the singer, You are keenly aware of the urban legend that men can’t look you in the eye without falling in love?”

Badu responded, insisting that her mind draws people in, disclosing, “Women too—and children and animals. … Any living, breathing thing,” Badu said. “I think it’s indescribable. In the bedroom, that’s not where you’re gonna find it because my magic doesn’t lie between my thighs, it lies between my ears.”

Chicago rapper Common, who was part of the Soulquarians alongside the ‘On & On’ singer, also had a relationship with Badu. However, during a 2014 appearance on The Combat Jack Show, the lyricist (real name Lonnie Lynn) asserted that the rumours are true.

Speaking about his time with Badu, Lynn explained, “Yeah, the ‘Badu Box’ is real,”. It can take you to another universe. But seriously, that’s when you meet somebody that’s real special, and you’re like, “Man, this woman got … she got something else, man.’ It ain’t just the sex. It ain’t just the looks. It’s like something that’s kind of like spirit-wise where you’re like, ‘This woman got something else.”

You can hear Giles speaking about the vocalist in the video below.