Watch Vince Staples and Fousheé bring ‘Take Me Home’ to Fallon
(Credit: digboston)


Watch Vince Staples and Fousheé bring 'Take Me Home' to Fallon

Vince Staples and Fousheé brought their collaboration ‘Take Me Home’ to Fallon with an arresting performance.

The track is one of the most intriguing moments on his recently released self-titled album and dispenses off his inherent storytelling instincts. It’s Staples at his most introspective, and him once again proving that he’s far from your archetypal modern rapper.

There are layers to Staples that slowly unravel throughout his latest album, who is a three-dimensional character who one moment can be delivering fiery bars, and then taking a poignant reflection.

Hip Hop Hero’s review of the record notes: “Vince Staples is a welcome return from an artist who has been sorely missed, even if he hasn’t been gone for that long. 

“It might not be an album that will satiate the public desire for too long, but Vince Staples is most certainly an album you can sit with and explore, even if its stories are over before you want them to end.”

Check out the performance below, which sees Fousheé provide a glittering hand of assistance with her energy delectably bouncing off Staples.