Hear the new song ‘Got ‘Em’ from Vince Staples
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Hear the new song 'Got 'Em' from Vince Staples

Just a matter of weeks after releasing his new album, Vince Staples has spoiled fans further with his new single ‘Got ‘Em’.

The new song arrives as part of Pokemon 25: The Red EP, which also features brand new tracks from Mabel, and Cyn. “I’ve always been a fan of Pokémon, so it was particularly special to be asked to take part in this 25th-anniversary celebration,” Staples said in a statement.

“I’m excited for people to hear ‘Got ‘Em,’ and hope the song resonates with fans, especially those who grew up with Pokémon like I did.” The rapper went on to say about how the Pokemon characters Mew and Raichu inspired the song.

Although it has a Pokemon theme to the song, and he occasionally drops references to the universe the franchise exists in, it’s still a Vince Staples banger that sees him knock it out of the park.

Last month, Staples shared his new album to critical acclaim and Hip Hop Hero’s review of the record notes: “Vince Staples is a welcome return from an artist who has been sorely missed, even if he hasn’t been gone for that long. 

“It might not be an album that will satiate the public desire for too long, but Vince Staples is most certainly an album you can sit with and explore, even if its stories are over before you want them to end.”