Watch Kanye West and The Game perform ‘Eazy’ in LA
(Credit: NRK P3)


Watch Kanye West and The Game perform ‘Eazy’ in LA

Kanye West was invited to join The Game on-stage in Los Angeles to perform ‘Eazy’, which marked the first time they have played the collaboration live.

West was dressed in all black with a mask and glove which hid his face, as well as his hands. Last year, they shared the single and were criticised by PETA for using an image of a skinned monkey which the organisation labelled as “disturbing”. ‘Eazy’ was also featured on Ye’s latest album, Donda 2.

After they performed the track, The Game took some time to show his appreciation toward Ye. He told the audience: “This is the first time that I’ve been on my stage with my brother. And I’m’a tell you something about him: he ain’t come to perform no songs, he was clear about that.

“He came for his brother. He told me how he was coming, he told me he was gon’ be three minutes late – he said he might show up in the middle of the verse ‘cause he got shit to do. I said, ‘N**** you can come at the end of the show just to give me a hug, n****, I love you. This n**** friendship, it don’t waver. No matter what I do to this n****, or what I say about this n****, he just love me. It’s like this n**** Yeezus or something.”

The rapper added: “Hey man, I’m’a tell you this in front of my home – ‘cause when you in LA, it’s just like the shot, and every other ghetto around the world, man, I love you for always being there for me, man. You my motherfuckin’ brother – he know it, I tell him in front of y’all…”

Watch footage of the performance below.