(Credit: Ryosuke Tanzawa)


Watch Earl Sweatshirt and Navy Blue appear in Wiki's 'All I Need' video


Wiki has teamed up with Earl Sweatshirt for his track ‘All I Need’, which also features Navy Blue in the brand new video.

The track is from his EP, Half God, which was met with rave reviews when released last year. Wiki joined forces with Navy Blue for the project, which produced the whole thing, and ‘All I Need’ sees the duo link up with the acclaimed former Odd Future man.

The New York rapper previously revealed to Rolling Stone that the collaboration came about after visiting Los Angeles with Dom from electronic duo Mount Kimbie and hanging out a lot with Earl, which made the track happen naturally.

He told the publication: “I felt good. And that was that same trip, like a week or something, where me and Earl did ‘All I Need’. And it was just a really great feeling. I got to go out a lot with Earl. We would go and get food and just talk about everything going on in our lives.

“And I sensed in him this new kind of confidence where you’re like, truly happy. Not that he wasn’t confident before, but it’s that feeling where you can tell someone is like, ‘I’m happy where I’m at and with who I am.’ And I felt that kind of brush off on me.”

Watch the video below.