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Watch a pre-fame Jack Harlow parodying Drake


Jack Harlow is quickly becoming one of hip ho’s brightest lights. The rapper has fashioned a spectacular place eon the music mantle, managing to both carry credibility and commercialism on his shoulders with aplomb. However, looking back, it seems like Harlow was always destined to be a star, as this rare footage of a pre-fame Harlow mocking Drake proves.

In truth, it’s far more likely that the teenage Harlow seen in this video isn’t mocking Drake but parodying him with the utmost respect. Since finding fame, Harlow and Drake have become firm friends, with the du even vacationing together, something seen in what has now become a viral video. “I swear I didn’t know what was going on I was googling wtf a weng weng drink was,” Drake wrote.

Recently, while performing at Drake’s hometown of Toronto, Harlow proclaimed the Certified Lover boy to be his idol. “Tonight is a dream come true for me for more than one reason,” Harlow told the crowd. “First off, you sold this bitch out. Second, I was halfway through my performance and I looked up and I see my idol looking at me, man. Toronto, make some noise for the GOAT one time.”

All of which confirms that Harlow, when parodying Drake’s song ‘Started From The Bottom’ Harlow was singing from a place of joyful intent. Considering Harlow recently claimed he wanted to be the face of his generation of hip hop, it’s clear that his mind has always been on achieving greatness.

In truth, Jack Harlow is the platonic ideal of a white rapper. Skilled enough to not embarrass himself and self-aware enough not to make constantly make an ass of himself. The talented native Kentuckian burst onto the scene with 2020’s ‘What’s Poppin?’ and continues to make a strong case for himself as one of the most promising young MCs in hip hop. Harlow will be the first to admit that his skills didn’t just magically appear, no matter how young he was when he spit his hardest verses.

Below, witness that desire to be famous show itself in full glory as a young Jack Harlow parodies Drake with ‘Started From The Middle’.