Warren G plots his comeback
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Warren G plots his comeback

The name Warren G instantly brings to mind the sound of ‘Regulate’ faster than the racetrack rabbit. During his career, he cut out one of the funkiest figures in hip hop and now it would seem that he is eyeing up a return.

The star’s latest release came in the form of The G Files back in 2009, but since then, the 51-year-old rapper has been on a lengthy sabbatical from the music industry. Promisingly, that seems to be coming to an end and the funk master will be back soon. 

The rapper first broke the news of his apparent comeback when he responded to a fan’s praise on social media, saying “much love appreciate it G. 2.13.22 the come back coming.”

Naturally, this had fans in a frenzy and it appears that the rapper has since confirmed that the comeback is set for later this month after he uploaded a clip of a new track with the caption:  “2.13.22 #regulator WarrenGfunkera #independent Different From The Rest @bombbass1014.”

Furthermore, that date coincides with the moment that his step-brother Dr Dre is set to take to the Super Bowl LVI stage for the Pepsi halftime show. Thus, speculation has run wild as to whether Warren G might also make a surprise guest appearance. 

As for now, you can check out the sneak-peak clip of the forthcoming track below, and while not dust off a quick “Regulaaaaator” while you’re at it.