A new warrant has been issued for the arrest of Kodak Black
(Credit: David Cabera)


A new warrant has been issued for the arrest of Kodak Black

Kodak Black is in trouble with the law again as he failed to meet his bail conditions following a recent drug test. Initially, the rapper did not attend his scheduled drug test at the Fort Lauderdale police department. However, the musician submitted a urine sample days later but tested positive for fentanyl, according to police records.

Released on bail following an oxycodone trafficking charge last year, Broward County Judge Barbara Duffy issued a new warrant on Thursday, 23rd February, after receiving the news that the rapper (real name Bill Kapri) had breached the conditions of his bail.

Since 2017 Black has endured issues with the legal system in Florida. In 2020, Kapri got incarcerated for falsifying documents to buy weapons. However, President Donald Trump pardoned Kapri after serving only half his sentence. 2023 and nothing has changed for the musician. Judge Duffy and cour records have found that this is the second time that Kodak has breached his bail conditions in recent weeks and has been failing drug tests consecutively since his release on bail.

Although the rapper was found to have fentanyl in his system, the general public are still unaware of how much was actually found and what this will mean for the rapper moving forward. Kapri has been very nonchalant about his charges, and some are beginning to speculate that he may be denied bail very soon as he continues to be a no-show for compulsory screenings.

Many have been concerned for the rapper, and his mental health as he seems to be in possession of a wide variety of drugs, and rumours are beginning to surface about his potential addiction and substance abuse. In July of 2022, Broward County police found upwards of 31 oxycodone pills in his car and now he has been consuming fentanyl.

You can learn more about his current legal issues in the video below.