Vogue are suing Drake and 21 Savage over fake magazine cover
(Credit: YouTube)


Vogue are suing Drake and 21 Savage over fake magazine cover

In fairness to Drake and 21 Savage, their mock promotional campaign for the collaborative album has been one of the most artistic of recent times. They have essentially faked a usual promo run, gaining all the clout without much of the work. However, art can often land you in hot water, and Vogue seemingly haven’t credited the creative side of it. 

Alongside a fake performance on Saturday Night Live, the duo also photoshopped themselves onto a cover of Vogue magazine. The post featured a caption thanking the editor Anna Wintour “for the love and support on his historic moment.”

Naturally, as a journalistic outlet, Vogue are protective of their image, and they have labelled the fake edition an unauthorised “deceptive campaign.” Making matters worse for the rap duo, is that they also apparently issued a copy of the fake mag in print which is being called a “counterfeit issue of Vogue.”

Vogue were not asked about the campaign technique in advance and have reportedly contacted the team behind Her Loss multiple times and requested that all fake Vogue materials are taken down. They claim they have received no response and have few options left but to pursue legal action. 

It remains to be seen whether similar actions will be taken by SNL, NPR Tiny Desk, and Howard Stern who were all also mimicked as part of the fake promo run. 

Drake and 21 Savage are yet to comment on the legal matter.