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Vince Staples shares fiery new single 'Magic'

Vince Staples - 'Magic'

Vince Staples has teased his new album with fiery new single, ‘Magic’.

Staples has recruited Mustard to produce the new track, and he has created a bouncy beat that’s perfect for the Ramona Park rapper to spit fire over. Additionally, he called in Lewis Hughes, Nick ‘Unknown Nick’ Audino, and My Best Friend Jacob to co-produce alongside him with Kenny Beats also working as a recording engineer.

On the chorus, Staples euphorically spits: “Feeling like I’m floating to the ceiling, is it magic? Baby, tell me why you disappearin’, This is magic, I won’t ever tell ’em how I did it, It was magic, Can you imagine? Money in the mattress, Love the way I stack it, I can make it rain blue hundreds, Can you catch it? If somebody come through bluffin’, I’m a blast ’em, And tell the police I don’t know what happened.”

Staples’ monotone delivery juxtaposes with the lively beat and tone of the lyrics, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. In a time when it feels like rappers are becoming more and more homogenous, it’s refreshing that the 28-year-old is continuing to stick to his guns and thrive in his own habitat.

The new track will feature on his forthcoming new album, Ramona Park Broke My Heart, which is expected to be released in April. In a press release, Staples said of the title: “It’s symbolic of home. And everyone has a home. Even though it’s very personal to me, everyone can relate to it. That’s why I thought it would work for this chapter.”

He also confirmed that the new record was made simultaneously as last year’s eponymous album. “There’s a direct correlation. They were kind of created at the same time. I was in a similar state of mind,” he commented.

Staples continued: “I’m still working through things and the questions that life poses. This album will make even more sense if you heard the previous one. This one has more answers.”

Listen to the new track below.