Vic Mensa says he regrets comments about Drake
(Credit: Fr8nk Morales)


Vic Mensa says he regrets comments about Drake

Vic Mensa has revealed he has personally apologised to Drake for his past comments about the rapper, and the two have ended their beef.

On his 2016 track, ‘Summer Sixteen’, Mensa took shots at the Canadian rapper which led to Drake’s team getting in contact with him to express their frustration. Additionally, he also took shots at Kanye West, Lil Yachty, DJ Akademiks, and Jay-Z.

During a new freestyle on Sway’s Universe, Mensa apologised for his actions:“I fell victim to addictions in my mental state, Stupid shit, like dissing Drake – that was a big mistake,” Vic rapped. “But when you raised in a cage, all you know is MMA, I dissed Yachty, dissed Ak, dissed XXX, It was disrespect, it made the fans dis-invest, I lost M’s like a Dow Jones regression, But every L taught me an invaluable lesson.”

In an interview with Sway following the interview, he revealed: “I’ve actually spoken to all of ’em, man. I saw Drake at Virgil’s funeral and had some words with him. Yeah, he was [receptive to it]. He was like, ‘Man, honestly, I didn’t even understand it.’

“And when I recall and think back, it was like, I was just gassed up being young. You know, Kanye, Jay-Z – they bickering so I wanna jump in. It was unnecessary. I spoke to him.”

Earlier this year, Mensa released the new track ‘$WISH’. In a statement, he said, “$WISH came from a writing camp me & Chance did in LA working on a bunch of music together. It was really just a fun, spontaneous vibe. Me & Bongo were freestyling, and then Chance said he had a line, so I just recorded him putting his verse together.”