Rare and previously unheard Nas diss track aimed at Tupac surfaces
(Credit: Mikamote)


Rare and previously unheard Nas diss track aimed at Tupac surfaces

Tupac and Nas put their differences aside just weeks before Pac’s death. However, a diss track has now surfaced online from that period which sees Nas leave nothing unsaid.

“He explained he thought I was dissing him on the song ‘The Message,'” Nas said during an interview with Ebro Darden last summer explaining how the beef originated. “He thought I was dissing him and I heard he was dissing me at clubs. [Pac was the] last person I was even thinking about when I wrote that record. I was just going at everybody. So, he thought that.”

However, on the newly surfaced track, Nas namedrops Tupac and puts their rivalry in a whole new light. Halfway through the first verse, Nas drops into attack mode and violently barks, “From tube-socks in Timbs to blue rocks and Benz, Who got the ends, the type of n***a Tupac pretends, To all n****s who shine, guess who got revenge, I won’t showboat, my flow choke you.”

Later in the track, Nas viciously spits: “And if it don’t the 44 will smoke you, left ya’ seed reminiscing on ya’, Emcees I’m pissing on ya’ shine ’cause my chips are longer, It’s gremlins I’m siccing on ya, shot, ya’ dodging, But Esco could rock the whole f**king Garden”.

Pac famously sent for him on his posthumous album Makaveli on ‘Against All Odds’. In the track, Pac raps, ‘This little n***a named Nas think he live like me, Talkin’ bout he left the hospital, took five like me, You live in fantasies, n***a, I reject your deposit.”

Nas explained his version of events to Shakur, and they hugged it out like men at the MTV Video Awards in 1996. The pair settled their differences peacefully and showed there was another way to end wars of this nature. Tragically, just nine days after the incident, Tupac would be killed, and this was the last conversation he ever had with Nas.

Listen to the newly surfaced diss track, below.