Will Tupac’s ‘One Nation’ album finally be released?
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Will Tupac's 'One Nation' album finally be released?

Before his death, Tupac was working on his One Nation album and, 25 years later, it might finally be getting a release.

The idea behind the album was to bring rappers from the East Coast and West Coast together. Shakur wanted the record to be a truly collaborative effort, and he recruited the likes of Busta Rhymes, Outkast, and Boot Camp Click to feature on One Nation.

“We’re working on a new project called One Nation,” Shakur announced in 1996. “It’s going to be an East Coast/West Coast collaboration.”

Snippets from the album have leaked intermittently, but the versions that have surfaced are incomplete. It was supposed to be the album that brought rappers from all over America together and unified the scene. Of course, Tupac would lose his life before he got a chance to finish it, and we’ve all been deprived of hearing a completed One Nation.

Now, rumours have begun to swirl that the LP may finally arrive. Young Noble, from The Outlawz, who Shakur founded in 1995, recently took to Instagram to reveal an album called One Nation was on its way from the group this September.

The upcoming record is likely to be a tribute to Pac and in honour of the initial project. However, who knows what The Outlawz have up their sleeve on September 13th.