Understanding the GloRilla and JT beef
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Understanding the GloRilla and JT beef

GloRilla is one of the most exciting female MCs in hip-hop at the moment, and the Memphis musician’s popularity was only boosted when Cardi B hopped on the remix of her track ‘Tomorrow’, which was named ‘Tomorrow 2’. However, despite her passive entry into the game, she has recently been embroiled in a feud with JT of Miami duo the City Girls. 

Last year, a rumour circulated on social media alleging that GloRilla and JT had a backstage physical altercation at the VMAs. However, on April 5th, the two went back and forth on social media, laying their cards on the table and exposing their relationship. 

GloRilla (real name Gloria Woods) referenced JT on her most recent mixtape Ehhthang Ehhthang, more specifically on the song ‘Aite’ where she insisted that there isn’t an issue between the two, rapping, “I just pray one day the bad bitches would come together / ‘Cause Cardi and Nicki on a track would break some fuckin’ records / Me and JT ain’t the best of friends but we ain’t beefin’ / Know bitches always havin’ ana that they keep a secret.”

However, JT (real name Jatavia Johnson) quickly took to social media to respond to the track and address fake friendships between female rappers. Speaking about how GloRilla capitalised on the rumour they had a fight at the VMAs, Johnson tweeted, “I been said she didn’t! She the one went radio silent! Played into, released a song about slapping rap bitches. Now it’s female unity?? CORNY!!!!!”

When fans asked how the rumour spread so fast, JT insisted it was due to GloRilla using it as a good marketing tool to boost street credibility, commenting, “I guess she was waiting on her tape to address & who gone clear up going viral for slapping someone when the whole hood believed it! It was on brand!”

This allegation ignited a larger feud, prompting Woods to jump online. Aiming at JT, GloRilla insisted that she was the only one with the issue and even made fun of her appearance, writing, “Hoe shut yo dumb ass up & fix dem ugly-ass wigs. I said it ain’t no beef ho you da one with da secret animosity.”

The pair went at each other non-stop, with GloRilla tacitly confirming she had slapped JT and tweeting about how she had made bail. Unfortunately, the Miami emcee didn’t take this lying down and labelled Glo a “fake-ass street bitch” who is “always bringing up jail.”

JT and GloRilla’s beef has mostly played out publicly. However, its origin is an altercation at 2023’s VMAs. Although GloRilla has attempted on numerous occasions to put it in the past, the far less relevant JT is not finished with Woods as of yet.

You can see some of JT’s tweets below.