Ty Dolla $ign answers questions about ‘Vultures 2’ artwork
(Credits: Hip Hop Hero / YouTube Stills)


Ty Dolla $ign answers questions about 'Vultures 2' artwork

Ty Dolla $ign recently answered some questions fans had concerning the cover of his upcoming project with Kanye Vultures 2. Taking to Instagram, the singer revealed some details.

Speaking to fans, the vocalist (real name Tyrone Griffin Jr) unveiled that the cover art will contain some familiar faces. One user asked Griffin, “This is your album to [sic], why you’re not in the cover??” Questioning why Kanye in a black mask is the theme of the trilogy.

In response to the fan who had seen the leaked cover art, Griffin disclosed, “This is me holding a picture of my brother Tc fyi.” Griffin thereby confirmed speculation that has been circulating online since the cover’s leak.

Kanye’s Phoenix listening party heard the Chicago native play songs such as ‘Field Trip/Venom’ featuring Playboi Carti, ‘Promotion’ featuring Future, ‘Take Off Your Dress’ and ‘Fighting Fires.’ In clips from the event that made the rounds online, both stars can be seen playing unreleased music.

After the listening party, the pair officially released the Vultures 2 artwork. On the cover, a masked figure can be seen standing, akin to Vultures 1. However, for this instalment, the masked individual is holding a framed headshot.

Many suspected it was Griffin’s brother, Jabreal Muhammad, aka Big TC, who is currently incarcerated, and they were right. Ty’s sibling is serving a a 16-year prison sentence for a murder he did not commit. However, Ty named his 2015 debut album Free TC in honour of his sibling.

Vultures 2 is yet to be released as West and his management are still debating whether to upload it straight to streaming services, which take a cut of the sales, or make it available exclusively through Yeezy.com, where West will make more money.